Sunstate Mobile Patrols/Emergency Response

private guard brisbaneA mobile patrol is the most cost-effective security solution. Clients in a particular area “share” the service. Instead of paying an hourly rate for the guard, each business just pays a fraction of the cost. Call us now for a quote.

Mobile patrol officers perform such duties as -

  • Responding to Burglar alarms
  • Responding to Duress alarms
  • First Aid
  • Opening and Closing services, Unlocking and Locking of premises
  • Patrolling of residential complexes
  • Patrolling of Industrial complexes / complexes
  • Patrolling of commercial estates / complexes
  • Staff Escorts
  • Checking fences and perimeters of premises
  • Checking inside buildings and properties
  • Ensuring premises properly secured against unlawful or unauthorised entry
  • Checking for fire hazards
  • Checking for any weather related hazards ( rain, flash flooding, storms, wind etc)
  • Checking fences and perimeters of premises
  • Checking damage to machinery and property
  • Equipment left running
  • Checking for unauthorised people on premises
  • Reporting any events to management
  • Providing a highly visible and uniformed deterrent

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